Change Of Heart? Or Am I Hopeless?

So the girl I like turned me down a few months ago, but I'm still crazy about her, I think and so do several other people that she might be having a change of heart now, but one of my friends says if she did she would make some effort to talk to me, she has a little bit, but she hasn't given me her number or talked to me online at all, so is it still possible that she's having a change of heart or am I just looking for reasons to hang on?


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  • Well its not really enough information to go on and its hard to answer when we don't really know either of you but if she hasn't really amde much effort to talk to you then perhaps you are just looking for something to hold on to. but obviously don't take my word for it lol. Maybe you should make teh effort to talk to her again..ina friendly way and see what happens from there. Then you will deffinately know for sure, :)

    Good luck :)


What Guys Said 1

  • You are looking for reasons to hang on ; she is doing her thing still.

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