Frequency of messaging?

I met a guy in a bar at the weekend (he's 30, I'm 26) and we got on really well and exchanged numbers. We've organised a date for next Wednesday, but we have been chatting on whatsapp. I find this kind of stressful because I never know how much to message. My most recent dating experience has been from tinder (and guys more my age) and the like where daily messaging is the norm, but how does it work in the 'real world'? I don't want to keep conversation going for the sake of it because a) it might get annoying and b) we'll have nothing to talk about on our date! I ended the conversation tonight by saying that I was off to bed. Shall I just wait until I hear from him again? I don't want to seem disinterested but I also don't want to come across as annoying. Any advice?
Frequency of messaging?
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