Does he like me and how do I get him to ask me out on a second date?

So I met this guy off tinder and we had a common interest of gaming so I talked to him a fair bit. He ended up adding me on the same games we played and we talked on Skype for ages! Almost every night after work he'd talk and game with me, he'd still Skype to me even if he was playing another game. We ended up going to see a movie and everything went pretty good he picked me and up dropped me off. He came into mine and we did sleep together, he kissed and cuddled me for hours after until he had to go because it was almost 5am! He said he'd message me the next day when he was leaving. Which he did, he messages me every single day at least once but the conversation never really goes anywhere so I think he might not be a big texter. He had to help a friend move over two days so we didn't game together cause he wasn't home. He still made the effort to send a sorry message because he didn't message me all day. And hoped on as soon as he got back to talk to me on Skype. I noticed he remembers things I say too because he asked me about something I said I was going to do a few prior to him helping his friend move. He told me I was the first date he'd ever gone on so I think he might be shy. I get thrown off guard by his texting because he does seem into me but doesn't really message me much. I'm not sure if he likes me and how I can get him to ask me out on a second date!
Does he like me and how do I get him to ask me out on a second date?
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