How long did your first relationship last?

When was still in middle school, i knew that i like girls. So, i wanted to try to date guys to see if i would enjoy it or not (i have always known that i would never like it lol but i wanted to try for at least once)

Then i met this guy, he was at the same age as me, good looking. He sent me a few pics of his skinny ass abs and stuff like that. I didn't really like him lol but since he looked hot so i thought "why not".

9 hours later... i really couldn't stand the guy and he really grossed me out with his sweet talk (i literally cringed everytime i saw him lol) so i called it off and be just like "dude... let's end it... This bitch right here like girls..." TBH i don't know if it would be considered as a "relationship" or not lol

So, how long was your first relationship?
less than a month
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about a year
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2 years
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3+ years
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still dating the person
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Dude... im single as fuck. Have never been in a relationship...
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How long did your first relationship last?
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