How do I convince women that I am not a stereotype?

I am Indian and I am tired of being associated with hindus and muslims, I am not from India my parents are and I am not a vegetarian. Why can't women judge men as an individual and not assume that he must be X, Y and Z because of the colour of his skin? I don't have a culture that condones sexism and violence against women because I come from a CHRISTIAN background and Im an Atheist. When a white guy beats his wife no one says "it's his culture". It is a well known fact that people who are violent, abusive etc are like that because of how they were raised and the environment they were raised in it has nothing to do with culture or race.

I am also not the following:
I do not eat curry
I do not work in a call centre.
I do not own a convenience store.
I do not own a motel.
I am not a doctor.
I do not work for tech support.
I do not have a stereotypical Indian accent because I was born in and grew up in Africa.
I speak fluent English.
I suck at maths.
I am not a nerd.
I play sports.
Im not skinny.
I do not wear a dot on my forehead.
I don't have a caste system because I am not a hindu.

How do I convince women that I am not a stereotype?
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