Is my boyfriend committing incest?

So how would you think?
My boyfriend is really close with his brother, they are always together and talk about everything. He is gay by the way but he cool and very nice. I never thought nothing til my boyfriend called me to come over, I was textn him and never got a response like I usually do. I get there, 5 mins later his brother runs outside and tells me to come in which he never did. I go in and my boyfriend in the shower, comes out and then his brother jumps in. They were the only ones homes.

One time the we're talking and they joke around a lot but his brother said something that really throw me off he said to my boyfriend
"I'll just fu later anyway" like I guess its their little way off talking but its tripping me out. He said it so nonchalant like
"oh she'll never think I meant literally"

Since then I've look up incest stories and you would never guess the people who go thro it and hide it. I never really thought anyone I knew who do that but I'm so skeptical now. Everyone has secrets of course but that's just too much for me.

I just need some advice or other perspectives
Is my boyfriend committing incest?
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