Girls, when do you expect the first kiss?

When do you expect a guy you're dating to TRY to kiss you for the first time?


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  • idk you know you feel it when you know..but I don't like when he tries just cause its that time or to get it out of the way.

    the first time a guy kissed me I thought he wanted to be a lone by how he was acting, so maybe he did it just to make a pint idk,or like to make this mark seemed like a substitute for telling me how he felt & what he wanted to see happen between was a pre- relationship type situation, not just a kiss dating so there WERE things to discuss because I was leaving soon & coming back later & I think if we talked about it I might have decided to wait till I got back..which I think in retrospect would have been soooooooo much better.

    It was all a huge mess & we both really liked each other but it got lossed in the confusion,

    so yea I like a first kiss to have enough warning so I have have seconds left AFTER the shock wears off...when he kissed me I was still in shock half way thru, then I had to think of what to do since I'd never kissed anyone before.

    so yea a few seconds of eye staring or something, just to let me know..i really don;t care WHEN as long as I get a warning so I have time to decide.

    how is more important than 'when' :)


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  • I was walking home in seventh grade with my eighth grade crush. He just turned to face me and leaned in to kiss me. It was sweet about 7 seconds. He had his around around me for it and I had mine on his shoulders. I hadn't planned or expected it. But I enjoyed it!

  • Do it asap!


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