Should I text him?

I met this guy on a dating app. hahaha yep it's that typical. anyway he lived in Texas and moved a lot because of his job and I live in Utah for school. we talked and talked and had the best conversations ever! about everything and nothing. I started feeling like I was falling for him, which scared the fuck out of me because I was never in a relationship before him nor did I ever wanted to be. but with him it was different, so I told him that I might have feelings for him and I don't want to get hurt so tell straight up what this is. he assured me that he felt the same way towards me and he never felt this way towards anyone in a long time. we kept talking and snapchatting, made sure there was no catfishing. eventually we decided to meet up in Colorado, but then he had work problems are plans fell through and we stopped talking. fast forward five months later I'm dating other people no longer on that app. but I feel empty with whomever I date. like I can't hold an intelligent conversation with them. these past few days I keep thinking about him. I want to text him but I don't how or what to say. I'm scared that I might actually like him more than I thought! help!!! also leave in the comments what I should text him, that is if you think I should hahah
text him
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Should I text him?
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