He's Best Man at a wedding and his ex is a bridesmaid. Should I feel worried?

My boyfriend and I have been together for around 3 months. Things ended between him and his long term ex 2 months prior to us meeting. In July, he's going to be the best man at his cousin's wedding in and the woman his cousin is marrying is really good friends with his ex. In fact, they're all quite a close bunch of people. He mentioned to me on our third date that his cousin might ask her to step down as a bridesmaid but this hasn't happened. Anyway, I've met his cousin and his fiancee lots of times, and they're awesome people. They've accepted me as my guy's new girlfriend and have even said if a guest drops out at the wedding, I can come as everything was booked last year. I really appreciated the gesture, but I don't know if it'd be too awkward for me to go, especially with his ex in attendance. I completely trust my man, but I do feel a bit nervous about the whole thing. This will be the first time they would have met since splitting, and it wasn't exactly an amicable break up. He's moved on, and he's told me he'd like things to eventually become longterm with me in time. However, the thing that's bothering me is that my guy said he plans on getting really drunk during the wedding. I'm a worrier, so my mind will probably cook up all kinds of scenarios but I know it's just me being silly. I never have any issue with him hanging out with his female friends, but this situation is different.

I don't know if this will make him feel differently about me if he talks to his ex? do guys get like that?
He's Best Man at a wedding and his ex is a bridesmaid. Should I feel worried?
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