24 and I stand alone in life?

Almost 25 in a month and i feel so alone and depressed. I dont have a stable basis or home i can turn to. I grew up with a mother who wasn't really social so i missed out on a whole childhood. At 22 i found out that everything that was told to me wasn't true. I see people around who have families, close friends and i dont even know how to make a friend. I realized i do stand alone in life and at 24 i have no one, not one single friend who cares about my wellbeing. The older i get the harder it is too make friends, and the worst thing no one knows about my childhood except my siblings, two estranged and sister who lives at home at 30 with my mentally ill mom, my sister cannot take care of herself because she never learned how to be 'social'. To me it feels like we had the worst childhood ever, isolation. How will i ever live a normal life? If my mom doesn't take her medicine she hears voices and i have no immediate family around.
24 and I stand alone in life?
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