How can I be less controlling with my bf?

My boyfriend told me recently that he feels like I try to control him and that he feels like he's my possession. I understand how he feels this way. I can be very, very insecure at times which makes me feel threatened by his actions that show interest in anyone else. I used to get really upset when he would look photos of girls on social media. He would go into their pages and like photos from months/years ago. He'd follow random girls, and even go as far as to look up my friends and follow them/like their photos (some he didn't even meet yet). I used to get upset when he would go 7-12 hours without texting me. At first I didn't say anything. But then I started to get upset. And ask him to at least tell me "hey sorry I'm busy". I have NOW stopped pestering him about texting me back. But now he replies within 2+ hours. I also get upset when he talks about anything sexual that doesn't have to do with me. Or I perceive that as him wanting to cheat. I used to be this really open person who didn't feel threatened by his actions. But I feel really bad because I didn't mean to make him feel so controlled. I just let my jealousy and insecurity take over me. I feel like a really bad person. I just want him to be happy. But I hate feeling so insecure and so threatened. I'm always afraid he is trying to leave me for someone else. Or thinks someone is better than me (especially my friends)
How can I be less controlling with my bf?
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