So I Kissed Her...

It was the perfect kiss, we were out under the moonlight and we were holding each other, and then we both looked at each other and just kissed, what I'm wondering is, what is the next step here?

I'm pretty shy with girls, and I'm 16, just want to know, what to do next?



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  • well if she is still into you then the next step is up to you! you guys could be together.forget about it.ask her somewhere else and make out. or have sex or take it slow and c what happens. I mean if you love her truly and deeply there is no way she won't love you.

    my life quotes are :

    "I am a spacecadet for life"

    "I am like rele confused!"

    "If you truly love someone just go for it"

    "if you don't kiss me soon we will have to go on another date! and who wants that!" that was a joke!


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  • You know how there's different steps like

    A. Hold Hands/Arm Around Her

    B. Cuddle

    C. Kiss

    D. Touch Each Other


    Basically whenever you reach a new step you have to make that step casual and have it happen all the time.

    Example, the first time you put your arm around your girl and saw it was ok you did it a lot more often without hesitating right? That's what has to happen to kissing to keep going to the next step.

    Also stop trying to think of it as mere steps and just enjoy the moment. (I know my example totally contradicts with what I said but just roll with it =p)