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This boy from my past that I was in love with when I was much younger then I am now moved away. I was devastated! Shortly after he moved I moved. I moved to a new school, made new friends and everything. I was even dating new people. Even though I was still in love with this other boy I was trying to forget about him and move on by seeing other people. I was up in this new place for 3 months before I had to return to where I had moved from. When I moved back I came back to the gossip and the drama of my old school, the stress of living with my Aunt and mother in the same house and the constant argument between them. I focused mainly on school still trying to keep my mind off of this person. A few months into the school year my sister intro. To one of her good friends, Chris. The boy I am currently dating as of now. He was sweet, kind, loving and funny too. Everything In a guy a girl would want. Chris and I had been going together for about 3 months when he broke up with me because of rumors. We got back together after a month of not being together. Just recently I found out that the boy that had moved months ago had moved back. Now I'm going crazy! He found me and wants to get back together, but now I'm with Chris. I'm in love with Chris and thought that I was over this other boy. Now feelings for him that I had before are now representing themselves. What do I do?


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  • If you are happy now, stick with Chris. I know it's hard since the other guy meant so much to you, but don't go for the other guy unless you aren't happy with Chris. Choose wisely, if you dump Chris, the odds of you getting back with him is slim.

    • Thank you so much. You don't seem like much of an azzhole. LOL! :) Your right I am happy.

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