Friendzone? or Slow Down?

I have been seeing her for a week. I found her on Coffee Meets Bagel. We saw each other three times for dinner and lunch. She is a busy medical resident and I am a busy medical student but not as busy as her.

During my third date, I implied that I would like to start the relationship with her. I did not directly ask her to be my girlfriend.

She cancelled our fourth date and sent me these messages.

"I can't meet today, another day?

And it's okay if you want text me during the day, we can just text throughout the day like friends.

I want us to be friends first before anything else, I want someone who gets my sense of humor and can just chat with me about random stuff

I don't know if our personalities are compatible
So let's just be friends first and go from there?"

Is she putting me in friendzone? If it is, the chance of us dating would be minimal. OR she really means that we should take it slow and get to know better?

Thank you in advance
Friendzone? or Slow Down?
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