What can I do please help?

I hate being Indian all women even Indian women hate Indian men. I didn't do anything wrong to anyone so why am I being persecuted like this. I know many of you feminists will come here and attack my race saying we're sexist and our culture is bad and that gives you the right to hate us but you have no right to generalise like that.

Im tired of being associated with hindus, muslims and vegetarianism, Im sick and tired of being alone, Im sick and tired of telling people "we're not all like that" over and over again. I am not responsible for any wrong doing that some people of my race did just like you are not responsible for the actions of people of your race who did bad things.

Im tired of explaining to people that I come from a CHRISTIAN background and I do not believe in the things you accuse all Indians of believing in. It's not fair that I have to prove myself, it's not fair that I have to constantly tell people that we are not all like whatever stereotype you attach to all Indians. Also I am NOT from India, I do NOT live in India either my parents do.

Why can't I be treated as an EQUAL?
What can I do please help?
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