Does it seem like we're more than friends or are these feelings one-sided?

So there's this guy, who we'll call Adam, who I met through my group of friends in September, and have been sleeping with since Mid December. For the past three months there's been more sleep overs and movie dates than there has been sex. We've always stayed at each others houses afterwards, but now we have this routine where we sleep over one or two nights of the week and watch our tv series together.
I've met all of his closest friends and have been out with him and his "couple friends" (double date without the label?) and have met his sister and we get along quite, she's even given me her approval.
He's picked me up from a night out several times and always brings me water either in the car or to his bedroom once we're home. He makes me breakfast every time I sleep over & He even bought two extra pillows for his bed cause he knows I need to sleep with more than one.
He's very cuddly at night and when we do sleep together he is not selfish at all (aka always makes sure he comes last).
However this is where it gets confusing. We don't hug during the day or kiss unless it's during sex. We text a little bit but not as much as I would like to. However we are a part of a group chat with our friends and he's extremely flirty through that and tends to tease playfully quite often.

In in a way we are the exact same as each other. We both are sarcastic as hell and when we talk about each other it's always using "us, we or our". I really like him but fear rejection like you wouldn't believe but I do definitely feel like there's feelings there for him as well. But maybe I'm just hoping there is?

I should also add that our whole group of friends is going on a trip later on in the year, Adam and I included so that's kind of holding me back from making any sort of move. I kind of want to be sure but the no kissing / hugging and minimal texts when we aren't together seem like red flags.
I just need some insight I suppose.
Does it seem like we're more than friends or are these feelings one-sided?
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