How Shallow are you?

Before you say your not shallow, everyone makes assumptions or conclusions from appearances, I mean why else do we have eyes. However, how open are you in pursing someone regardless of looks?
One picture says it all - A profile pic or selfie is all you need to make your decision on the person
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A few texts needed - You need to at least text them 5 minutes before jumping into any conclusions
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Need some convos first - You need to text them for a week or longer to really get to know them before you decide anything
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Face 2 Face - No pic or text can prove to you who they really are in person, Gotta experience their presence first. How do they smell, feel, how do they act
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Gotta hangout - You feel the need to be around them for a while before you judge if you wanna be something more
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Long haul - They need to be around you for some years before you feel secure enough to bring them into your life
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How Shallow are you?
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