How to deal with amount of attention my girlfriend gets?

So i have been dating my girl for about a year now & everything about the relationship is amazing, except for the amount of attention she gets. At first it was flattering but now it's draining.

For example we work together ( have our own business) & for past 2 months the same group of guys come every lunch & perv on my girl, literally come in the shop & stare at her ass & boobs, they buy things but all the while perving on her/ talking about her right in front of me. It makes me angry but there is nothing i can do.

Another is example we go out to theme park for a day which is supposed to be fun, but same thing guys trying to talk to her while i'm with her & groups of guys shouting things or guys saying i'm lucky to be "banging" her etc. It brings me down, to me she is beautiful & i love her but all this attention is not fun for me,

she does wear really tight yoga pants & jeans which do show off her ass but she says she wants to feel sexy. I'm not about to tell her what to wear but i don't know how i can feel better about this whole thing, because otherwise we have a beautiful relationship.
How to deal with amount of attention my girlfriend gets?
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