Is this how it supposed to feel?

I'm 18 and I never had a boyfriend before... Well maybe until now. From what I know there were 5 guys that liked me. And from those 5 I saw myself looking for the attention of 1 of them

Thing is that now that we are hanging out. I dont feel heavy buteflies or fast heart beats. I mean he hugs me, holds my hand, cares for me and all but he hasn't ask me out yet. And I don't know if this is how I'm supposed to feel. Like I dont mind him holding me, but at the same time I don't feel butterflies or my heart beating fast. I just let it happened.

I dont fall for guys easily, thats a fact. I only truly liked one guy before and thats when I was 16. I knew because I long to be by his side, he made me happy just to have him around, I liked the playful arguments, I had heavy heartbeats, and cared for him a lot. So I don't know if I'm supposed to feel like this to this guy as well.

He is a nice guy, I dont feel any "warning" signs when I'm with him. But at the same time I dont feel my heart beating fast for him.

Could it be that from those 5 guys I only wanted the attention, but once I had it I dont want it? Or that I'm just afraid of being in a relationship since I never was in one? Am I inexperienced on how im supposed to feel and I mix an ideal with reality?

I don't know. We are not "official" and he hasn't ask me out. I just know that he likes me. And to be truthful I don't know why he does. Either way, is this normal to feel?

Becaude I liked when we playfully tease and argue with each other. Now he seems more concern and caring. And for me is like, "where is the fun? like just because "u" like me doesn't mean u have to be all caring for me. I can take a tease and playful argument that's when I have most fun and can get out of my shy shell"... I don't know

Please tell me if this is normal to feel or I'm not that into him. Or I'm just afraid of relationships. . I don't know
Is this how it supposed to feel?
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