A woman I like says I am too outgoing for her, I am confused what to do?

I met someone through a social anxiety group online and we have been talking ever since she initiated it actually. We have talked about personal stuff, share interests we both like, and even mentioned the idea of possibly dating. She mentioned she wants to meet, but has avoided talking about it recently once she got to know me more.

She likes nature and the outdoors and asked if I could show her around when she visits, and how we both never fit in with others but we get one another.

She works and drives but I do not, however I actively go out in public often to places, and she said she would rather sit in the house, but maybe I could bring her out of her shell.

i told her I would never force her to do something she isn't comfortable, but I would like to take her out to some places and make it a relaxing outing. This is when she told me she thinks i might be too outgoing for her? But before she liked I like the outdoors and knew I go out places often, so I don't get the sudden change.

We still talk, but I'm nervous she might not want to date me over this, I am not even that outgoing, and I really like her and think it could work, she just needs to not be nervous and trust me.

What can I say to her to make her not feel like I am too outgoing for her? I just want to help her get out and see the world too, she shouldn't lock herself away, and I thought I could help her, and she has definetly been helping me with my anxiety
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Anyone else
A woman I like says I am too outgoing for her, I am confused what to do?
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