Would you Date a Loser?

I'm 24 and struggling to date and get a girlfriend.

I've had a handful of dates in my whole life, but I have never kissed or anything.

I just don't know what is wrong with me, or what I can do...

I think I'm a loser because I'm really shy, I don't like to party, and I'd rather have something serious with someone.

Secondly, I work in construction and hate it... but it pays well, and I need money to help take care of my family... I don't have a dad and my mom can't work...

So it's hard to be my own person, and sometimes my family has drama, fights, etc.

What girl would want that?

Girls are so fun, outgoing, have degrees and are so successful...

I'm just like an average nobody... It really sucks my dream girl doesn't exist in this world and I will die alone... It really makes me sad... I'm an emotional guy too, which sucks because I'm not supposed to have feelings.
Would you Date a Loser?
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