What can this mean? maybe I'm just paranoid?

So I met this guy on Tinder (lmao) around 4 months ago and we hit it off straight away, we spoke everyday and I got the sense that he was interested in me towards the day we finally met (which wasn't that long ago) I began well flirting more and opening up a bit more. On the day we met everything was great I got the impression that he was interested in me by the eye contact etc.. and we even kissed.
The day after we saw each other he switched up on me lol, usually he would reply to my texts 10-20 mins late max unless either of us was at work, but since last Saturday he's been giving me hoursss replies even though he still speaks the same. But I feel like he's forced to speak to me? as in he's only messaging me back just to not be rude, and at times he will come online and he will be online for ages but not reply to my message, the other night its like he left me hanging and yesterday I ignored him the whole day till I felt like texting him back.

Why change on me? I get this feeling he is obviously talking to others since we're both single BUT I feel he lost the desire to talk to me or even see me again, yet he still texts the same way as before?
I don't get it...
What can this mean? maybe I'm just paranoid?
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