Help me. What are we?

I let a guy that likes me hold my hand, I don't know why I did I was in a party so I just let him do it. (no there was no alcohol we were just in the adredaline of the music and all).

This week, word got around and he now holds my waist, and wants me to sit in his lap and all. I'm shy so I just let it all happened. I dont mind him but at the same time it feels odd... He hasn't ask me out and it seems like he wonders what we are too.

We dont talk when we are alone, even in group but even then we don't talk, he just hugs me. (Mostly because I'm shy and I still haven't open up to him just yet. And disclaimer. Yes. I have this problem of pleasing people before me and letting them do what they want).

So I don't know what are we. I dont want to hurt him, and I dont know how to really express my feelings since I dont know what I feel for him. I am not that attracted to him... He is different from the usual guys I tend to like. I dont know much of him like what he thinks, dreams, goals. Only little things that u can pick up when hanging out in group with someone constantly.

He has facial hair (and not well kept, he let's it grow from his neck... Kinda wish he shave it off or at least trims) and I kinda prefer no facial hair.
He is few months younger than me. I tend to like guys older than me
He doesn't put an effort in his appearance, he wears socks and sandals (I find myself attracted to guys that at least put a little effort).

So yea. I have no idea what we are. or how I feel about this situation.

Also. He is Muslim I don't know how religious he is but I'm not. I dont mind him being Muslim but is different when dating I suppose.
Help me. What are we?
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