Should I give up on him?

So basically i've been seeing this guy for a short while, and it was all going wonderfully. We've been on four dates and they all went really well, i was very interested in him and him in me. The only issue is that after summer im off to uni, and because of this we've decided the best thing to do is just to enjoy each others company while we have it, and maybe meet up here and there during uni if we both wish to. However, i now haven't seen him in a couple of weeks and within the last week his texting habbits have changed dramatically. In the past we would have a couple of short text interactions a day or a long one every other day or something like that. Now we had about 4 days we didn't talk in and so i sent him a message yesterday. He took at least an hour to respond with a text (they were proper responses, a line or two not just one word) and then the last thing i sent him was around 8pm, with it now being arounf 9am. He seemed interested enough in the texts but obviously the time he's taking doesn't reflect that. And if he was busy id like to think he'd just flat out say so...
This is just getting on my nerves a bit and im not sure how to take the situation. I think next time we talk im gonna ask him (politely) to just tell me if he'd rather not talk, just so i can see how he responds.
Any advice?
TLDR- I've been seeing a guy for a short while and his texting etiquette has suddenly become really bad. Maybe he's busy but if thats so i think he would have just said. Last time i saw him in person we got on great so im not sure whats happened. Should i just let go of him or what?
thanks :)
Should I give up on him?
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