Why am I not good enough for him?

Me and this guy have been spending time together for a few months. When we hang out together we have a great time and he is always laughing and smiling in my company.

I asked him recently what he felt about me and he went very flustered and started stuttering and repeating himself. He went very embarrassed and said that he enjoys spending time with me and wants to continue hanging out with me. He also said that at one point he was thinking 'should I kiss her'

But then he said 'i hope you still want to hang out with me after tonight' and since then we have been hanging out and he keeps texting me and initiating hanging out but all we do is hug at the end and then I always go home feeling disappointed and rejected and hurt and like he feels like I'm not good enough for him

i don't understand why he isn't making a move on me. What's wrong with me?

why aren't I good enough for him?

Why am I not good enough for him?
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