Why does he always mention other girls to me?

So I've been spending time with this guy. He's a nice guy and a lot older than me. We get along great. He has always been quite talkative with me. He even mentioned to me one time that he wanted a wife eventually.

I was starting to think he might like me more than a friend but lately he's been mentioning girls. Like he might tell a story and mention his friend that's a girl. Or he'll tell a story about this girl who he asked out to the cinema but already had a boyfriend and then he justified it with 'oh but I didn't like her in that way'. He also told me that he goes on dating sites and is picky about who he wants to date and he says he hardly gets any messages on them.

One time I asked him where our relationship was going and he kept saying 'I don't know' and seemed embarrassed and then said 'at one point I was thinking of kissing you' but then said 'I hope you still want to hang out with me after this' so I felt really hurt and rejected

I don't get it. Why is he mentioning other girls to me? Why would I want to know anything about them...
Why does he always mention other girls to me?
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