Flakey guy suddenly messages me. what?

older post: He said he wants to get to know me more. I do not initiate to text him because i feel like he is a busy person and i know guys mostly hate texting. He is the one who always tells me he want to know me more.. because he said i was smart and special lady... he initiates text but we dont really text long convos just simple ones and very short. This guy asked me out on a second date. asked me what day im free so we can meet again. Told him im free on the next day. And asked if that day is good with his sched too? he said he is free that day too. He asked what time? I told him the time in the afternoon. So i asked where should we meet? Then he never replied. seenzoned me in a messenger. For 2days he didn’t reply.

I do not know what i said wrong? He agreed to meet but when i asked where he didn’t reply. i did not bother to text him to ask him because i dont want to look desperate or pissed. so i just let it that be.. honestly im quiet annoyed and confused. whats up with this guy ughh🙁😕😐


He just messaged me tonight “Hi.” “What are you doing tonight?” He has not bern in contact for 5days and didn't even explained why he disappeared in our planning date chat.

I didn't reply. My bestfriend said to just seenzone him as well since he did that to me. I was offended by what he did to me the other day. He didn’t even explained why he wasn’t able to reply when we were about to go out for the 2nd date.

He even was trying to call me an hour ago. 2x. I didn't answer. Who does that? disappears in planning a date then when he messages me back no explanation. as if nothing happened. How would you handle this situation if this happened to you?
Flakey guy suddenly messages me. what?
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