I NEED ADVICE PLEASE: What should I do?

so basically, there was a guy at the gym who id wanted to approach since September and on the last day of classes i did and we chatted for like 45 minutes on the mats and had loads in common. I invited him to an event i was hosting that night and he genuinely seemed interested as he told me to add him on fb and he'd try to come if he can get out of working on a group assignment early enough. i also asked if he'd be interested in grabbing coffee if he couldn't make it and he said yes. so i didn't hear from him and two days later i messaged him but he never responded, nor did he read my message. on the Monday i saw him at the gym and i know he saw me and he didn't approach me but then that night i was about to delete him off fb and then he ended up responding. anyways, he said that he would be down for coffee once his exams are done so i kinda left it alone and assumed he wasn't interested. i messaged him two weeks ago cuz i was in the area with friends and thought "i have nothing to lose" so i messaged him. he responded saying that he was in chicago for the week but that he'd be back. so i went to the gym one Friday (the following week) and saw him there so i decided to approach him and just point out ask him if he's interested or not. when i approached him he seemed genuinely happy to talk and asked me how my night was when he was away and stuff. then i was like "so i don't mean to be aggressive or too forward, but are you interested in going out some time. cuz if not thats totally cool but i would like to know so were not wasting each others time" and he responded saying that he was but that he's terrible with messaging and how his friends get mad at him for that all the time. he asked if i was free next week (aka the week coming up) and i said i should be. he said he'd message me and make plans but its sat and i haven't heard from him. should i give up?
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now please note, I'm not oblivious. if a guy isn't interested its usually very very obvious. and i did ask him point blank to give him and out and he said that he was so thats the thing. he's also a masters student so his schedule is crazy busy so I'm understanding of that. how long should i wait to here from him before i just say too bad and move on
I NEED ADVICE PLEASE: What should I do?
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