Do you guys think I should give up on my crush? pls no mean answers! thanks?

hi guys! so there's this guy who i really like, but i can't go out with him. :( everybody's telling me to get over him, but i don't know if i want to. he is honestly the nicest guy in my life right now. i love the way he makes me feel. when i talk to him, he doesn't make fun of me or treat me like i'm stupid like everybody else. he's not mean or annoying. he's always so sweet. also when we talk about something work and school related and we're not really smiling or joking, he just always finds a way to smile at me. he backs me up when his friend makes fun of me. and i just love him for that. i always get so nervous around him. i also love it when he looks at me. he always glances and stares at me from far away. and when he makes jokes he always looks at me first for my reaction. it's amazing. i don't know why he's always so nice to me. i don't think he likes me. i think he's just being nice. but the thing that get's me the most is when he looks at me a lot. it could mean nothing tho. but he always tends to look my way and stare without smiling. he only smiles when i'm closer to him. i just don't know why he stares but doesn't come up to talk to me. i always initiate. and when he talks to me, he's sometimes quiet. lol these mixed signals kill me. but i love him so much. i love talking and being around him, and seeing him. i just wish i could be with him. but i can't. cause i don't know if he likes me. so should i just give up on him for good? thanks!
Do you guys think I should give up on my crush? pls no mean answers! thanks?
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