Boyfriend weird with his phone?

So, my boyfriend is literally ALWAYS on his phone. When we go out with friends, he's always on his social media apps. I've even had 3 friends tell him, on 3 different Occassions that he uses his phone too much and he should stop.

So, last night he wanted to try and connect his phone to a Bluetooth radio. We didn't know if it would work, so I said to him "here, let me see your phone and try and set it up". I put my hands out to reach for it, and my boyfriend pulled his phone away from my very defensively and said "No!" He sounded really tense and scared when he said no.

So then I gave him this weird look and I was like "um okay, alright then I guess". And then I moved away from him and sat back in my seat.

Then he noticed my reaction and then went "okay here". And all I wanted to do was go into his settings and try and set up the Bluetooth. And I gave him his phone right back.

But, I have never asked to see his phone. I've never gone throug his phone and although he's always on it. I have never really been THAT suspicious, I have sometimes because he never lets me see it. I picked it up one time because I thought it was mine and he went "where's my phone? Where's my phone?" And yanked it from me.

I have no problem letting him hold my phone, or texting my friends for me when I'm driving.

But now I don't know, I feel weird.
Boyfriend weird with his phone?
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