What to do and not to do on your first date with your longtime admire?

I been having a thing for my friend for a year and finally I'm going on a first date with her Monday, we will be staying at a hotel here so we can visit the amazing pool they have here on Tuesday...
I have low self esteem even though I'm attractive cause I haven't dated anyone for the past 2 years due to being hurt in previous relationship.

We will be spending the night at a hotel so it will be hard to keep my hands to myself, we will probably be drunk that night, probably will spend a few hrs at the bar at the casino.

I have to admit that i will be nervous even though I've known her for over 3 years..

Any tips on what to do and what not to do?
I know you guys will probably say just be youself and such.


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  • Show her that you have hobbies/interests. Ask her interesting questions, touch her from time to time, tease her...


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  • Don't try too hard. If you try hard it may come as awkward.
    Act like you normally would around friends.
    A good way to get people to open up is to talk about family, if you can somehow get the subject of the family into the conversation you can start talking about siblings etc. From there its very easy to progress to other areas such as hobbies.
    e. g. I just spoke to my brother on the phone, he said he is really struggling for his exams. He can be really annoying sometimes.
    She may reply with "yeah I know, my sister is the same" or "I don't have any siblings". From there you can take the convo anywhere really.
    e. g. Just last week I played squash with him, he is better than me even though he 4 years younger. Are you a big fan of sport or do you do other things in your spare time?

    Super easy