He said he had feelings for me, then took it back What is he really feeling?

Okay, so I was dating this guy for about a month. He's in his early thirties, normal sensible kind of guy. From the very first date, we were able to talk about anything and everything. Past relationships, mental health, sexual preferences etc. He explained that he had never actually fallen in love before, and he been experiencing some emotional numbness (not being able to feel happy, sad, angry etc) but was working on it. The dating was going great, we talked every day, messaged all day, hung out together 2-3 times a week. We were intimate together but not having intercourse (everything else though). He often would message and say how much he liked me, or that he missed me, and that he thought he might be feeling more than like. Then after about four weeks he got drunk. He doesn't normally drink, anyway, he messaged me while he was drunk and opened up. He said that he really wanted to be with me, only me, just the way I am. Then he called, said he loved me, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. The next morning he didn't remember any of it, and when I brought it up he started apologising. He said he still kind of likes me but ended up breaking it off. Now its a week later and we're still talking (agreed to be friends) and he's saying that he never really felt anything. He's saying that he kept seeing me because he hoped he would fall in love. (We have a lot in common and do get along really well). So my question is this: which is the lie? When we were dating and he kept saying how much he liked me, was that the lie? Or when he was drunk and professed his love for me, did that scare him with its intensity and he was afraid of opening up or getting hurt and is now backpedalling and trying to retreat? Any advice would be so appreciated as I'm confused.
He said he had feelings for me, then took it back What is he really feeling?
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