Really want to sleep with this guy?

Weve only been on a few dates, but the chemistry is electric. We're always touching and kissing and constantly messaging when we're not together. I want to sleep with him, i want to know if this chemistry is present in the bedroom.

We went out last night, lots of kissing and touching. I was also stroking his inner thigh and could definetly tell he is attracted to me... he doesn't seem to be making any move or even being remotely sexual when we flirt. I dont want to be too forward incase it scares him off. How do i get him on to the subject of sex. I think he's quite shy. Is it too forward if i send him a picture? Or should i talk about the fact i could feel he was hard on our date. Im not a very experienced dater as I've recently come oit of a ltr. What do i do?
Really want to sleep with this guy?
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