What age range of men should I date? + any advice/input?

I'm a young women, mature for my age wondering what age group works for me?

Most guys 17 to 20 that I've been with or encountered like to play mind games and aren't serious, at all. I date to find a companion to enjoy life with, get married and have a family (engaged around 24-25, married by 27/28 and kids 1-2 years after). This is of course ideal but life isn't always Ideal I know lol. Granted I still have more to learn and room to grow but I'm still ahead for my age.

I honestly think guys who'd fit me right now are 21-23 I'm not sure if that's okay? 22-23 is a nice difference and I have thoughts like, Are his intentions good? Is there something up with him that he isn't dating someone closer to his age? How would his or my family take it?

Basically I don't want to be taken advantage of in any way or end up with someone who has very different intentions. Any opinions on this and age range would be appreciated! I'm 18 born Nov 1998 by the way. In my honest opinion I think maybe I should take a break from dating seriously till I'm like 20 but if I were to date casually soon with my outline above in mind I'd like to know an age range that'd be okay.

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+1 y
After reading it I honestly think guys 21-23 would be the worst for me right now lol I originally wanted to say 25+ but I know that's a big difference.
What age range of men should I date? + any advice/input?
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