2 Girls Friendzoned me... then admitted liking me... HELP?

To make it as short as possible here we go. Girl A friend zoned me, I liked her a ton, we had some things in common, some not, but I fell for her. As said, we just became "friends," she dated other guys and told me I was her BFF, but there were times she acted like more.

Girl B I met shortly after A, we had a lot in common and joked around a lot. However, she also dated other guys, and in particular tried dating my best friend (but he didn't feel the same). She referred to me as her best male friend ever and stuck with it.

Couple days ago, Girl B just came to me and said, you know I love you right. Admits she's had feelings for me, and that she likes me a lot. Says we need to talk more about it and left it at that. Girl A, the day later, also comes to me before she leaves to go home (out of state), and tells me she loves me and fell for me a long time ago and she wants to date.

I know this sounds like bullshit, because it does to me too, but its true and I don't know what to do. I like them both greatly, and was friend zone and sort of moved on, but now this presents itself... please help.
2 Girls Friendzoned me... then admitted liking me... HELP?
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