Guys, Men who've lost trust in women?

I'm dating this man. He's told me he's not ready for commitment and he's an emotional mess. He's told me about a bad breakup in his past. Twice he's tried to have sex with me and he knows I want commitment first before I give that up. Well our last date which he was excited for because he told me he wasn't ready for commitment but I said that's okay and we agreed we just wanted to get to know each other more. Then he canceled because it was at my house alone and he said he doesn't think it's a good idea. He wants to hang out just not alone. Maybe he doesn't trust himself with me. I mean, I wasn't going to give it up but he could have been under the impression I was going to that night. It's like we take one step forward then a step back.

Any advice on how I can gain his trust? We have amazing chemistry and all of our interests are the same which is great.

Do I wait for him to ask me out again? Do men hate when a woman makes an effort?

I've read a dating book and believed all the junk it said but I realized it's making it so the good shy men who've been hurt do not meet women.
Guys, Men who've lost trust in women?
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