What should I do about my relationship? Is it worth staying in?

My boyfriend is moving 3 hours away to transfer to another school. This will be his 6th school. He is a bit flakey when it comes to schools as in he gets really excited to go to one, gets let down and then goes to another one. I think he's figured out what he wants to do now which is produce music and this school is made specifically for that so I feel like maybe he will stay there. I'm just not sure how likely he is to actually STAY at this place because he has always moved around even as a kid so I think he gets bored of being somewhere for too long. He also told me he plans to move on the opposite coast I my hometown and when I tried to rationalize he didn't seem phased. I want to live close to my family and be somewhere I can get a good job but he doesn't see eye to eye.

I just wish he would make better compromises because he always ends up getting bored with a place and leaving and I don't know that I want to be dragged around, and get settled just to end up leaving again.

Is my relationship worth staying in? Is it possible that this can work out? I still don't drive and this will be a big obstacle if I still don't. I really love the guy but he can be flakey and I wish he would see the bigger picture better.

Tl;dr: boyfriend doesn't like staying in one location/school for a long period of time so he tends to move a lot. He is moving 3 hours away and I want to know how or if I can make it work considering I don't drive a car?
What should I do about my relationship? Is it worth staying in?
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