Is it too late to try again with my crush?

We take dance class together, flirted often. I was too shy to come up to him beyond being partnered, and he seemed mistrustful. The attraction was clear, but neither of us would make a move and soon we just kept annoying each other. Once when he was staring in my direction I asked him what was up but he instead talked to my friends around me. He started hanging with other girls but he'd be looking at me while doing it. At an event he was at our table. I couldn't stop staring at him, and he would stare back every time but seemed confused. All night he invaded my space but still gave me the cold shoulder. I asked him questions and he elaborated, but he never asked me anything or got my jokes-and I annoyed him sometimes. Even when he would initiate he seemed guarded and volatile, I rarely said anything he liked. He was talking to my best friend instead of me-although he'd include me mostly-but when she stopped paying attention he would just tell me instead. He seemed to relate to her more, & said I shouldn't try to understand him because nobody does. He started talking to us about his depression and loneliness. He told me about his craving for and failure in love. He also talked about his anxiety of the future, and I made an effort to encourage, as earlier when he hurt I was so passive. I've been where he is, and we balance each other out, but I fear he sees no value. He told me he always gets picked last for Ladies Choice; after I left to find a guy, he got up and sat out the dance entirely. He grew more depressed and isolated himself, but used humor to point my attention to something, and I bantered back, but he seemed confused. At the end of the night, we got to be partnered. His smile was fragile but it was the biggest of the night, he seemed so relieved that we could be together, and sad when it was over.

Should I try reaching out to him over facebook message to ask him to hang out? Should I even hope that he could ever like me, or did I ruin things forever?
Is it too late to try again with my crush?
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