Met a beauty online: good signs?

Hi, everyone.

I'm not very familiar with online dating, so I have a question to ask. I met this Russian beauty online (Russian girls are kind of my "thing"), and I wanted to know if what's going on between us might lead to something.

We've been exchanging between 5-10 messages each day now for about 4 days. She writes "lol, haha" a lot, sends a lot of emoticons and stuff, teases me a bit, etc. I also showcased my knowledge of Russian history and language a little bit, and that seemed to impress her a bit. She always keeps the conversation going with a question in return, as well... so that seems like a pretty good sign, right?

I asked her pretty early on, "Would you like to go out sometime?" She said, "maybe".

We know a pretty good deal about each other so far, as out questions have been pretty personal.

Where is this going and any advice to offer?
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Clarification: we're both living in the same city in the USA.
Met a beauty online: good signs?
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