I like him but I did a stupid mistake what to do?

So i initiated a short convo with a guy i like but barely know and never met.. when he knew i had an exam coming he offered to give me some important notes

We have the same major but he's working at a different compeny..

So we set the time and place to meet.. but he forgot about the whole thing ! .. he ddnt show up

So i texted him to double check.. and he said he forgot " and didn't say sorry "

And he suggested we meet at a place near his " which i ddnt like and i found it not gentle man like bahavior "

I got upset.. i called him and i sounded cool i told him that i can't go bcz its too far for me and he was like no worries then ill meet u at a place of ur choice and tomorrow for sure i won't forget..

And here when i did a big mistake by saying " really sure? Not like today all over again? " : joking tone :

He replied with yes for sure ill put the papers right away..

Ok.. so i know now the mistakes that i did

1. i texted him when he was late
2. I called him to set the time and date " which was controlling i guess "
3. The last line i mentioned may be took out of context..

I was emotional and the mistakes that i did was bcz i like him and wanted to see him so badly

Il never do these mistakes again

But is there anything i can do to make things better? Or i sould just let it go and move on

I feel guilty and stuped tbh.. i feel like he might had the wrong impression of me and its killing me..

please any advices?
I like him but I did a stupid mistake what to do?
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