Do women have ridiculously high standards? Or am I (pics included) just really ugly?

I'm a 25 year old male who has never had a girlfriend or even met a girl who found me attractive. I'm employed so I'm not broke or dependent on others, have some friends so I'm not a complete failure socially, I'm in decent shape and I maintain good hygiene. Sure, I'm below average looking ( https://s1285. photobucket. com/user/ASOIAF91/library/ bbbbbbbbb? sort=3&page=1 ) and below average height (5'9), but I'm neither a midget nor hideously deformed, yet no women will even give me the time of day. Why is this not enough for women?

I've tried bars/clubs. I've tried joining meetup groups and picking up new hobbies. I've tried approaching women on the street. I've tried online dating. It's all the same story, women are not interested in anything beyond platonic friendship (even that is rare), and as soon as I show or imply interest beyond that they have no more desire to talk to me and are likely to be creeped out by my very existence.

I know the response is likely to be along the lines of "Don't blame women, it's your fault, not theirs!", but if this is true, why do gay men find me attractive? I don't hang around many gay men or show any interest in them yet more of them have shown interest in me in my life than women. It's only women who have these crazy standards, men are shallow and prefer attractive partners yet are willing to settle far more frequently than women, even obese/ugly women don't have troubles getting sex/dates/relationships, whereas even average looking guys seem to get less dates and action than they'd like.
Do women have ridiculously high standards? Or am I (pics included) just really ugly?
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