How to date a girl with anxiety and depression?

I met a girl via Facebook, she took an interest in me first, but over time our interest in one another grew, we could be ourselves talking. I mentioned that before we meet in person, we should talk on the phone. (we both don't want a catfish lol).

We exchanged numbers, and I told her a day I will call but not a time. I randomly called and she sounded so uncomfortable and said my name didn't show up when I called.

We talked for twenty minutes, she sounded depressed, distant, and very little emotion. I thought she might say "thank you for calling" or "it was nice to hear from you", but she said none of those, I did to her though.

She has a lot of anxiety and depression, many things going on in life now, and in the past guys used her and left her saying she is ugly, so I get why she might still be nervous talking to me or putting emotions out there so early on. But yet through Facebook messages she is very comfortable and said she loves me, I don't get it?

Any tips to make her more comfortable? I don't want to rush it, but if I leave her alone how will she get out of her comfort zone, I am nicely trying to get her out of her shell, and talking more on the phone will also help me with my anxiety.
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How to date a girl with anxiety and depression?
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