Why do my guy friends say I'm 'perfect', but then only want to hook up?

Any guy I have gotten to know or gotten closer to, sometimes a couple of months sometimes years, they will say I would make the most amazing girlfriend ever, but then they only ever just want to sleep with me? For example a guy I have known for six years we started to grow closer on a different level a couple of months ago after both discovering we had crushes on each other but were too nervous to say it, and since he has been saying that I'm the full package, I'm so funny, I'm beautiful, all his friends think I'm hot, I'm a keeper, we talk openly about what we find annoying in our past relationships and anything annoying he has described is something I'm not (obviously I'm not perfect but I'm far from the bad things he describes) and all of the things we are into, our hobbies, interests, we have a lot in common.

I know I am ideally what he is looking for, from years of knowing him I know i am his type and he knows he is my type. But he just wants to hook up with me. This isn't the first guy to do this, it happens all the time. And I don't understand why, I think I'm a nice girl and I have my quirks but overall I do think I am girlfriend material, I just don't get why every guy sees that and then just wants to hook up? What am I doing wrong?
Why do my guy friends say I'm 'perfect', but then only want to hook up?
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