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I don't know what to do about my relationship anymore?

People, what if your partner displays a disregard of your health and kept making continuous snide comments about you?

My boyfriend and I got into an argument yesterday, because when I was in his car his music was too loud and it was hurting my ears. I'm hard of hearing, and my hearing aids hurts me to loud noise. I asked him. He repeats the question, and gives me a hard time about it. He claims that he turned it down a little, but it still hurt so I just took out my hearing aids. When I brought it up to him when we got back to my house, I asked him why he isn't sorry for not turning it out. He said oh well. I asked him why didn't he turn it down, and he says it's his car. I told him that for the next time I want it turned down because it hurts, can you do that. He says he just won't have me in his car ever. I argued with him that he rather not compromise than out of respect for his girlfriend turn it down. He said that his compromise was not to have me in his car so I wouldn't be subjected to pain from loud music because it's his car. Then he suddenly agrees with me to turn it down even though I never changed my stance.

Then that same day, we were talking to each other passion-aggressively and when I asked where was my phone, he asked why did I need it when no one texts me and I don't have friends. I eventually told him he needs to go home.

Like, I don't know if I'm being too soft but wth I felt that it was rude and unnecessary. Nevermind the fact that our sex life is totally gone and we have shit communication in the relationship. We just hit 3 years last week. What do I do about this? Now he won't text me.
I don't know what to do about my relationship anymore?
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