How do I get over him? I feel like I can't move on, help?

I met this guy back in October and we dated, by that I mean we went out a few times and we had plenty of sex but were never official. He never dated anyone else and for a while I didn't either, until recently. Before I started to actively date, I had been asking him to start taking me seriously, to date me and to not just make our relationship about sex since that's what it felt like. I'm Latina and he's Caucasian and totally my type, so I wanted nothing more than to be official w him. I'm pretty hot and he is super attracted to me, I get hit on when he's around and he even encouraged me to date others so I did to make him jealous and see if he commited. He then started to get jealous and ask me a million questions about the dates and how he didn't want me to forget about him and how we were special.

The problem is we don't have a lot in common, I'm a democrat, college educated, masters, white collar job and he is blue collar and let's just say he's a hardcore republican (even pro-Trump), so we argued a lot about the dumbest things. He was distant with me and didn't really prioritize me, and yes I admit I got clingy and he hated that. Last night we had dinner and it was awkward, he said if we couldn't get through dinner then there's no way we could even be serious. This was also the first time he opened up to me about his last relationship and as much as I wanted to open up he kept telling me I'm too uptight and basically comparing me to his ex.

Now he texted me telling me he doesn't see us going anywhere and he feels terrible about us just hooking up and how he did give me a chance but we don't know how to be together. The problem is he never gave me a chance and that's all I ever wanted. I had no choice but to agree and tell him that although he hurt me, I understood. Now I don't know how to move on, I was falling for him and I'm crushed. He asked for space and I didn't give him enough. How do I get over him? I need my dignity :(
How do I get over him? I feel like I can't move on, help?
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