Caught girlfriend flirting w ex. should I leave her?

Long story short: girlfriend received a text from old ex. They weren't ever officially bf/gf but they hooked up for a while. It ended rocky for them. He texted her apologizing and she said it was ok and that it was so long ago (2 years). Fast forward the relatively harmless convo and after he sends her an old pic of the two of them, she says "see you can't get rid of me if you tryyy".

Now I felt this way relatively flirty and I brought it up to her and she claimed that while yes it was flirty, that I was reading the tone of the message wrong and that I had nothing to worry about. Having dealt with previous issues (not w her) I simply said I didn't have time for BS at this point in my life and that maybe we just take a break (because I don't even talk to my ex's)... she cried, hyperventilated, etc.

what should I do?
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Update: when I brought it up she initially denied it until I read what she said aloud at which point she said "ok yes I flirted with him".

She also said, " I don't care about him you could even meet him"

And then today she said: " I went back and reread our convo and I think you might've misread the tone of the convo... I'm not saying you don't have a right to be mad, I'm just saying"

^^ that last one really confused me. Every time I try to leave her she breaks down. She's hot & succesful I don't know
Caught girlfriend flirting w ex. should I leave her?
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