Predicament or a blessing?

In my work enviroment, I am satisfied because I have many co workers.

I am open to dating.

However, since they're all beautiful and lovely.
It's a matter of choice.

3 girls.

Girl 1: Nice butt, average physique, she's my favorite because she has a playful personality.
Age 18.

Girl 2: Not the best looker. However, we have LOTS of common interests, its kinda hot.
Age: 19

Girl 3 : Very promiscuous, and looks like just a one night kinda gal, Has boobies.
Age: 21

GaGers, let me know what I should go after !

In the comment section, Tell me which YOU would go after !

I am a one lady kinda guy, what I do when I'm single is all me. 😉😘

Thanks for participating !
Go with girl 1 !
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To hell with booty, girl 2 if wifey !
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Girl 3 got it goinggg onnnnn
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Fuck em all, consecutively !
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You are going to lose your job 😂
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Predicament or a blessing?
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