Freind Dating her cousin... weird?

So my friend might be dating her "cousin" soon... Let me explain...

Years ago when she was a child her aunt (who is black) married a white guy who became her uncle. But before they were married he already had a previous child from a previous relationship. Let's call this child "Mikey". So about 4 years into thier marriage her aunt passed away. A couple of years later her "uncle" remarried someone else and hasn't seen his late wife's family (my friends family) in about 20 years. To make a long story short my friend ended up reconnected with her "cousin" Mikey. They are both adults now. Mikey starts kind of liking my friend and she admitted she thought he was cute. So they are not blood related technically and they are not even the same race (she's black and Mikey is white)

If they date is it still wrong or not?
Freind Dating her cousin... weird?
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