LDR contact! Oversensitive or is he insensitive?

Been in a LDR for 6 months now, and up until recently its been great, tough obviously, but we've made it work.

Lately however, not so great for me. It started with him not answering a message here and there. That was ok, we all get busy, life happens. Then it was more and more, until he hardly answered. And calls got shorter and fewer and further between.

At this point my alarm bells started ringing. I gave him some space, tried bringing it up gently, but when nothing changed, I brought it up a week later again, in a less gentle way (it was pretty blunt, I'll admit.. not ultimatum blunt, but blunt). He said he was crazy busy and would try to be better. Fine, again, busy happens, life happens.

But, it was two days and it was straight back to barely answering. And every call we have, he ends as soon as someone else calls. I'm basically very low on his priority list. It's now been nearly a week since I brought it up again and last night he ditched me mid our preplanned phonecall AGAIN!

Now I DONT think its another girl, but I get the feeling something is up. Either he's taking me for granted, assuming I'll be there when and if he has time or he's not feeling it. But, when I talk to him, he says neither. He's just busy! But honestly, I don't expect him to make me his universe, but is it too much to ask that he focuses on me when we talk? Or that he at least answers texts? (I don't spam! The odd double text happens, especially as I'm mid exams, I text him results, or if I find a funny meme)

Am I being oversensitive, or is he being insensitive?
LDR contact! Oversensitive or is he insensitive?
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