How does a shy introverted guy date?

Hi, I'm very shy and introverted ( INFJ)

I have a hard time getting dates and talking to girls. I'm 24 and have never been with a girl.

I mostly work, go to the gym to try to get fit, like watching movies and hanging out with family.

I hate clubbing, drinking, partying, drugs... Doing illegal things, So does that make me boring?

If I had a Girlfriend I would go on hikes, watch the sunset, stargaze, take her out on dates...

I guess I'm really independent, I don't need anyone, but I feel really lonely... And all these girls like extroverted guys who can lead and have wild stories...

I don't know what to do, It's kind of bringing my confidence down and I wish I had someone to love.
How does a shy introverted guy date?
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